Texting while driving illegal in Ky.

DRY RIDGE, Ky. - Those who drive and text in the Commonwealth of Kentucky havebeen fully warned. As of Jan. 1, police will issue tickets to thosewho get caught texting and driving.

The fine is $25 for the first offense and $50 thereafter. Thoseunder the age of 18 are also not allowed to talk on the phone whiledriving.

"It's pretty much everything you could possibly want in yourhand," said Rodney Coeman, 17, a student at Grant County HighSchool (GCHS.)

Coeman claimed that he would not break the new law because ofwhat happened to his buddy.

"My friend, he was driving…He looked over at hisgirlfriend and then he saw that he had a text and went right into aditch," he explained.

GCHS Resource Officer, Deputy Sheriff Lee Jacobs, hungposters around Grant County High School to help inform the kidsabout the new law.

"I've had a lot of feedback of students coming up to me just inthe hallway asking me what's the new law about texting," saidJacobs. "That's why I'm here, to research the law and go to themand tell them, 'You don't need to be doing it.' "