N.Ky. Chamber socializes, plugs into digital community

N.Ky. Chamber ranked No. 25 'Top Social Media'

FORT MITCHELL, Ky - Tweeting, liking, inboxing -- it’s a fast-paced world of digital communication. And for organizations like the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, social media is the way it connects with businesses and communities at the speed of its Wi-Fi.

The N.Ky. Chamber of Commerce utilizes social media in a variety of ways, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. That is why it was named No. 25 in the Top Most Social Media Friendly Chamber of Commerce by OnlineMBAPage.com.

“We’re extremely excited about [it]. The businesses that the Chamber represents innovate daily,” said Steve Stevens, the N.Ky. Chamber of Commerce president and CCE, about evolving with the social media and digital times. “We have an ever-changing marketplace.”

“The chamber’s social media efforts must be primarily about the members, not about the chamber itself,” said Frank J. Kenny, a social media expert who often speaks to chambers, as well as their members. “This makes members feel valued, and shows that the organization cares about their success.”

The N.Ky. Chamber joined the social media realm two years ago, but really started ramping it up this year, said Stevens.

“I think it gives you a lot more versatility, when you have this many platforms that people are plugging into… it’s not just email, or them going to your website,” he said.

It’s a tool that gives the N.Ky. Chamber greater exposure, immediately, reaching more in the community digitally. In turn, helping the Chamber to get their word out.

Stevens said that they Tweet and post items like business development and positions on issues. Getting their followers to do the same allows lawmakers to hear them at a quicker pace and louder voice.

“We [want to] make sure our voices are amplified—show the importance of an issue in the community,” said Stevens.

This spring, Stevens said, the N.Ky. Chamber utilized social media to promote their top-priority issues through the General Assembly, including tax credits, economic legislation and advocating the Brent Spence Bridge replacement. The result, he said, is a more informed public.

“We put out things in fact, rather than opinion, [which] helps us to advocate our position,” said Stevens. “I think it’s growing and we’ll see greater results from that.”

N.Ky. Chamber hits digital community

  • Twitter—2128 followers / 2406 Tweets @nkychamber
  • Facebook—1655 likes / 167 here /103 talking about
  • LinkedIn— group members: 2,083→ very active; 466 followers
  • YouTube—185 videos

Videos on the Chamber’s YouTube channel range from social and chamber events and activities to candid videos with the public and chamber members. They are pushing their focus on other genres as well.

“Currently we’re getting into new things, like training online,” said Stevens of some new YouTube videos that they are working on for this year.

It’s videos like those and 2,406 Tweets that put them on the social map. OnlineMBApage.com judged 550 chambers of commerce throughout the country. Only the top 100 were listed.

“Being honored in this way validates our efforts to fulfill the needs of our businesses as we support a thriving economy,” said Stevens.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C., was ranked No. 1 and The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce was preceded by Los Angeles at No. 21, and Seattle at No. 24. However, the N.Ky. Chamber of Commerce ranked above Sacramento, which was ranked No. 26, Manhattan ranked at No.27, the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce ranked at No. 37 and Columbus, Ohio, ranked at No. 50 out of 100.

Out of 100 points possible, the N.Ky. Chamber of Commerce received 82.5 points.

See which Chambers of Commerce ranked highest, at OnlineMBApage.com.

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