Ruby floats idea of moving Waterfront

Will it stay or will it go?

COVINGTON, Ky. - For several days the flooded Ohio River has caused many problemsfor those who work or live near it.

Restaurants like Hooters and Beer Cellar in Newport normallyserve cold beer and hot food, but now sit empty.

Monday the river crested around 56 feet, which is the highestit's been since the flooding began last week.

Just down the street Jeff Ruby signs float in high waters whilethe Waterfront restaurant is being held in place by boats afterfloating up river with over 150 diners on board Friday night.

"It's just crazy. I've never seen anything like it. My son wasborn in 1997. The water was a little higher than this but I haven'tseen it like this in a long time," said Gordon Menninger of WestChester.

Coney Island amusement park and surrounding roads near KelloggAvenue are also covered in water.

Just a few miles away in California, the roads don't get anybetter. Water is as high as some stop signs and yards areflooded.

Ruby told 9 News Monday evening that he met with Covingtonofficials earlier in the day who told him they want him to keep therestaurant in Covington. If Ruby keeps the restaurant in Covington,he said it would move to Covington Landing, not the previouslocation.

Ruby hopes to have a decision made by the end of the week sothat his employees will know the status of their jobs.

Charlie Bledsoe, General Manager for the Waterfront, said he'scurrently trying to personally call each and every person who wason the boat that night to apologize. He also agrees with Ruby aboutmoving the restaurant to the Covington Landing if it reopens.

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