Medi-Share, health insurance for Christians, returns to Kentucky

FRANKFORT, Ky. - On Tuesday, Kentuckians received another option in healthcare insurance after new state laws passed by the state's legislature took effect.

According to the Insurance Journal, Medi-Share is legal once again in Kentucky after an April 2011 court ruling barred the faith-based cost-sharing program.

What makes Medi-Share unique is that it is a Christian, faith-based insurance program, where churchgoers wishing to use the insurance must pledge to not drink, do drugs, smoke, or have sex outside of marriage, according the Insurance Journal article.

The average cost for Medi-Share is about $300 per month, the article states.

State Sen. Tom Buford, who sponsored the bill to reinstate Medi-Share in Kentucky, reported to the journal that making the insurance share plan legal through the legislature was important, because Medi-Share acts as an important stop-gap for people caught between making too much money for federal insurance assistance, but too little to pay insurance premiums out of pocket.

The Medi-Share health plan was initially ruled non-exempt from certain Kentucky health insurance codes, according to the Kentucky Political Review.

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