Home construction rising in Grant County

WILLIAMSTOWN, Ky. - The Grant County Building Inspector says new home construction is on the rise. Terry Conrad has been granting construction permits since the 1980's.  He says the area was booming with single family dwelling construction until 2005. The county sits half way between Cincinnati and Lexington, Ky. along I-75.  

"We're not a tobacco producing community like we used to be," said Conrad.  "It's more of a bedroom community right now."

The permits have increased, because of tornado destruction from March. But there are still foundations that remain empty where building permits have not been applied. Conrad expects the number to increase, which is a positive step toward home construction recovery.

"In 2000, I gave out 155 single dwelling permits," said Conrad. "Last year we had the worst year we had, as far as, the building inspector department in Grant County in 20 years."

Conrad is referring to homes being built for a specific buyer, not market homes that a construction company erects with the hope of buyer.

In 2011, the department awarded 25 permits to build a single family home.  That is out of a total of 137 building permits.  This year, 22 single family home permits have been awarded and three more are in the approval process.

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