Girl Scouts in NKY paid with counterfeit money for cookies

BURLINGTON, Ky. - It took the Girl Scouts of Troop 1310 more than two days and 14 hours of hawking their wares to earn $1,600 that goes toward things like ice skating trips and purchasing patches for the troop. But during the weekend of sales, someone paid for their Peanut Butter Patties with $40 of counterfeit money. To that the troop's leader said, echoing the name of one of the popular cookies, "Thanks A Lot."

"I was just really upset," said troop leader Alissa Wind. "I felt like someone had personally just robbed the troop, instead of just using the fake money. Because these girls rely on the money and the profits and everything for their whole year."

Wind told 9 On Your Side that a bank teller pointed out the funny money when she tried to deposit half of the weekend sales from the Richwood Flea Market on Tuesday. She didn't fine the situation very funny.

Wind said the bank teller put one of the two fake $20 bills beside a real one and used a pen that can detect fake money. The real bill had a yellow mark, the fake one was a black streak.

The bank confiscated the bills.

"Why would somebody do this to Girl Scouts," said scout Jordyn Cardwell.

One of the scouts said the money would go toward community service and fun activities for the troop.

"We usually go to Coco Key, which is a water resort and sometimes we go to a roller rink or go ice skating," said Wind.

The troop leader told 9 On Your Side late Wednesday night that the Girl Scout Council had decided to treat the $40 dollars an "unclaimed debt" so the girls will still get credit for the cookie sales and won't have to pay the $40.

No other "funny money" was found among the more than $800 in sales money that still needed to be deposited.

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