Creation Science Hall of Fame coming to N.Ky.

CINCINNATI - After 30 years of teaching science at Ann Street School in Newark City Schools and Long Valley Middle School in Washington Township School District in New Jersey, Nick Lally now works at remembering Christian scientists. After researching creation curriculum, from the Big Bang Theory to evolution, in text books, Lally now embraces the creationist's viewpoint.

In 2009, Lally, founded the Creation Science Hall of Fame and sits on the board of directors. It is a website that honors scientists who embraced God the book of Genesis. Inductees include names from yesteryear like George Washington Carver and Galileo Galilei, to the current day like Ken Ham.

Ham is the President and CEO of Answers in Genesis, most commonly known in the Tri-State for the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Ky. and the current project of Ark Encounter to be built in Williamstown, Ky.

It is between the two Answers in Genesis' sites that Lally wants to bring from cyberspace to a tangible hall of fame. The estimated price tag for either renovating a current building or erecting a new one, is expected to cost less than $4 million, according to Lally.

"This will be a brick and mortar building that will belong to all creationists," said Lally. "Everyone will be a part of it. We won't own it, just run it."

Currently, the concept is in the infancy stages. There are no blueprints, very little money raised and no specific location has been determined.

"Different agencies, government and private, are starting to reach out to our organization within the past two weeks," said Lally.

Lally explained that realtors, economic development, and other groups are showing interest. He pointed to the website's visitor click rate as a measurement tool. Typically, the domain get less than 200 unique visitors daily. When a news article was published about the project recently, the websites started to receive more visitors. By 11:30 a.m. Monday morning, the site had 824 visitors.

Inside the hall of fame, every inductee would be honored with at least a plaque with a synopsis of the person's life and work. Many, however, will have artifacts from the honoree's life along with a portrait. Lally said the dream would be to have a wax figures to resurrect the imagery and life-likeness of the person.

The group's project team is preparing a presentation to deliver to churches and other organizations to help with fundraising. The goal is to have the venue operating by 2017.



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