Bobby Mackey's Music World robbed of $1,500 worth of alcohol

WILDER, Ky. - Two men broke into a popular Northern Kentucky entertainment venue to steal approximately $1,500 worth of alcohol.

That's what happened just before midnight Thursday evening at Bobby Mackey's Music World bar in Wilder, Ky., according to co-owner Denise Mackey.

Mackey was surprised by the break-in, the first such incident at the business in the past 30 years, because Wilder police have always been diligent in paying attention to the goings on in the area.

She said she contacted the Wilder Police Department after a contractor who planned to do work at the property Friday morning noticed the front door was open and found broken glass outside.

"Two people used a rock to bust out a window pane in the front door and came in and stole a bunch of alcohol right around midnight," said Mackey, who is using surveillance footage to attempt to piece together what happened.

After surveying the damage and doing an initial inventory, the longtime business owner said the suspects made off with only alcohol.

She said she doesn't think the suspected thieves were after money or at least it wasn't their primarily concern, because the bar wasn't open on Thursday and the managers doesn't keep money in the registers overnight.

Mackey said the suspects' direct approach is also a clue to what they wanted.

"They just came in, jumped over the top of the bar and went straight for the alcohol," Mackey said. "They started putting bottles into their backpacks and pouring alcohol into other bottles they brought with them."

She said the estimated value of the stolen alcohol is between $1,000 and $1,500.

Links to the surveillance footage can be found below:

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