Attorney records conversation with Villa Hills mayor

Villa Hills mayor faces removal hearing

VILLA HILLS, Ky. - Villa Hills Mayor Mike Martin faces a removal hearing by his own city council. He's not letting city workers be interviewed by city council's independent lawyer investigating the matter.

On Tuesday attorney, Philip Taliaferro tape recorded — with the mayor's permission — a confrontation between he and Mayor Martin.

Below is an excerpt from a conversation with Taliaferro (PT) and Martin (MM).

PT: There is a removal hearing for you and you have an attorney and I am discussing with witnesses the testimony…

MM: No, we don't need to hash it Phil. Let me just tell you, my employees had better get back to work. I have told one employee already to tell the others to go back to work. And if they do not then we are going to have a major issue.

PT: So you are threatening these employees?

MM: No, I am giving them an ultimatum. They listen to me and not you, because you don't run the city.

PT: So are you…

MM: I am not threatening no employees. I don't threaten employees. But I don't have to threaten 'em. Usually when I ask them something they do it.

PT: Are you saying that I am not allowed to talk to these employees?

MM: Right now you are not allowed to talk to these employees.

The entire conversation involving Mayor Martin, Philip Taliaferro, Scott Smith, Derrick (Buck) Yelton, Kim Robbins and Chief Dan Goodenough can be read in a transcript of their conversation here .

The removal hearing is scheduled to take place Monday.

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