Attorney Eric Deters plans to fight suspension by Kentucky Supreme Court

INDEPENDENCE, Ky. - Northern Kentucky attorney Eric C. Deters says he has changed his mind and will fight the 60-day suspension handed out by the Kentucky Supreme Court this week.

Deters says he will ask for reconsideration within 10 days and that will stay his suspension. After that, he will appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary, he said.

"Bottom line, today, tomorrow and foreseeable future, I'm still licensed and practicing in Kentucky and Ohio," he said in an email to 9 On Your Side Friday.

"If (Kentucky) didn't have this ridiculous rule that allowed bar counsel to extend me like they did last time, I'd do the 60 days and be done with it," Deters said.

He was referring to his first suspension last year. The high court suspended him for 60 days and the Kentucky Bar Association tacked on 52 more.

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The Kentucky Supreme Court cited Deters' misconduct in two civil cases when it suspended him Thursday. At the time, Deters said he would accept the ruling.

Deters' latest suspension stemmed from misstatements he made to a court during a civil case in Campbell County and other misstatements in a libel suit he filed against Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders.

"I believe I had already been punished for these two issues - one 8 years old and the other 2 years old," Deters said in a news release Thursday. "I'll accept my 60-day suspension and put it behind me."

Chief Justice John D. Minton wrote in Thursday's opinion that Deters' conduct in the two cases warranted the suspension and Deters is not entitled to any credit for any prior suspension.

Minton also ordered Deters to pay $2,450 to cover the costs of the proceedings.

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"I expect Ohio will suspend me the same days as before," Deters said.

"I want to remind everyone I did a 112-day suspension between February and June last year and did not lose a client or miss a beat," he said. "My partners will handle all lawyer work on the files the next 60 days. I'll be back soon."

Deters suggested that he has learned his lesson.

"As much as I hate this, having been through it once before, I know I will survive and thrive," he said.

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