Are friends of missing teen helping?

After more than seven hours of searching Saturday, friends of17-year-old Paige Johnson, who was last seen Sept. 23, met up atthe corner of 15th Street and Scott Street in Covington.

"We had a meeting this morning. We all got together about 9 Paint Yourself Silly where Paige's mom works. We all just got inthe groups and we started in Decoursey. Some people started 12thStreet and we just worked our way over to Kellogg Avenue. Wesearched Wilder, we searched Newport, we searched flood walls, anda group went out to East Fork," said Johnson’s friend CarmenKlein.

There's been an overwhelming effort on social media sightslike Facebook to try and piece together what may have happened toJohnson. Those efforts quickly turned to physical searchesthroughout the tri-state.

Minutes before Friday night's meeting with Johnson's friends andfamily in Latonia, Covington police told those in the effort tostay away from East Fork Lake.

While the lake is a point of interest, investigators tell 9 Newsthat the friends are not trained to search, therefore their effortscould disturb a search being planned by trained lawenforcement.

Klein and her group of friends decided to stay away from thelake however that did not stop others.

Friends say that at the end of the day it's about one commongoal.

"We're not going to look at it as she is gone. We're going tokeep trying, trying. Try to get her alive. Paige is still alive.We're going to keep going until we get something," Klein said.