24-hour online fundraiser offers one-stop shopping for donors seeking to give to Kentucky charities

CINCINNATI - A 24-hour online fundraiser will offer donors the chance to give to 380 charitable organizations around Kentucky. Starting at 12:00 a.m. Wednesday, people seeking to give can log onto kygives.org, search for a charity and make a donation. In fact, donors can give to as many groups as they wish.

Kentucky Gives Day is a first for the state. Organized by the Kentucky Nonprofit Network , the online initiative includes many local groups. Potential donors can search for groups by name, zip code or category.

Danielle Clore, executive director of Kentucky Nonprofit Network, said her organization decided to try the 24-hour online giving blitz after seeing examples in other states.

"Everybody has really embraced the idea," Clore said. "Charities are looking for more cost-effective ways to connect with donors."

Clore said most charities in Kentucky have not seen "much traffic" when it comes to donors choosing to give online. She hopes the online initiative will change that.

"Charities will have connected with folks who have a willingness to give online," Clore explained. "They'll get email addresses."

The goal for the first Kentucky Gives Day is simply to raise money--any amount of money, according to Clore. This year's fundraiser will mean more dollars for Kentucky charities, and provide a benchmark for next year and beyond.

Clore said the online giving effort will not replace other fundraising methods.

"I don't think any one tool is the savior that allows orgs to raise all the money they need. This is one way."

Kentucky Gives Day ends at 11:59 p.m. Wednesday.

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