Water quality advisory issued for lake at Casear Creek park

WAYNESVILLE, Oh. - If you are heading to Caesar Creek state park's lake this Memorial Day weekend, you can use your boat, but you might not want to swim.

The reason: A Water Quality Advisory has been issued for the lake at the popular Waynesville park's lake and beach. Conditions have been rough at the lake because of the immense amount of rainfall this Spring. Park officials say the current bacteria levels in the lake are higher than recommended and that makes the water unsafe for many to swim.

The park and the lake are still open and you can still boat on the lake, park officials just emphasize that you should exercise caution. They continue monitoring the levels and will adjust the advisory as needed. They say the issue is not toxic and could be harmful to children, the elderly and those in bad health.

Caesar Creek state park is located in Waynesville, about an hour from Cincinnati.

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