Local park uses coyote decoys to keep geese away

WEST CHESTER, Ohio - Six decoy coyotes have been purchased by Metro Parks in Butler County to help frighten away the geese population.

The coyote statues were bought at $99 each and could save the district tens of thousands of dollars.

Currently the Voice of America Park (VOA) is improving its space with nearly 400 acres of walking paths and green space to be used for sports and other activities.

That space has been seeded for grass, however, the geese were eating the seed almost as quickly as workers had sown it.

The options to keep the feathered friends away were to hire a handler with a collie or have one of the workers use a sound machine to frighten the birds. Either way, it would cost money to hire someone or take a worker away from his duties at the park.

When 9 On Your Side visited the park on Wednesday morning, the only fowl were in the retention ponds.

The first phase of the park is expected to open in the fall of 2014.

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