A look behind the local Iron Horsemen

CINCINNATI - The Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club was founded in Cincinnati inthe 1960s and their local club house is in California.

The camp is right next to the Ohio River and is secluded withthe a gate and long privacy fence.

When you look at little closer you can see motion detectors,security cameras and several signs making sure everyone knows whohangs out there.

Ron Sailing lives right next door and says he's never had anytrouble with the club.

"They're good neighbors. They don't interfere with me and Idon't interfere with them."

However, Saturday night there was trouble as the Iron Horsemenwere hanging out in the beer garden of JD's Honky Tonk and Emporiumon Spring Grove Avenue in Camp Washington.

As police pulled up in front of the bar for an investigation agunfight broke out between some Iron Horsemen and the officers.

Moments later two police officers were wounded, one IronHorsemen was dead, another was wounded.

Sunday night, police said that the shooting is still underinvestigation and are not releasing the names of anyoneinvolved.

Sailing said he is shocked that the same club putting up signsmaking sure children are safe in his neighborhood, is now mixed upin a shooting with police.

"I'm just glad it wasn't around here," Sailing said.