New movie to film in Goshen this summer

GOSHEN, Ohio - If you happen to see a movie production crew in the Goshen area this summer, your eyes aren't deceiving you. In fact, you may see one of the stars of the movie "Seven Below Zero," Val Kilmer, along with the crew.

The Ohio Film Office says filming will begin sometime this summer in Goshen and areas around metro Cincinnati. The film is supposed to be about a tour bus accident which leaves some travelers trapped in a home where a murder happened 100 years ago.

The producers of the movie will be eligible for Film Office's tax credit and the project is expected to hire at least 60 people around the area as part of the cast and crew.

The tax credit program has helped the Film Office draw several movies to the Tri-State area over the past year including the George Clooney production "The Ides of March" which shot many of its scenes in the Cincinnati area this past Winter.

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