4 ways to rid beetles

BETHEL, Ohio - The United States Department of Agriculture - Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) released its Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) Programs report for May 2012.

The report outlines four options for eradicating the ALB from the affected area of Clermont County.

A. No Action
This is option is exactly what it looks like, however, it has not been a viable effort. However, APHIS would keep the quarantine, that was issued in July and October of 2011, to help restrict the spread of the ALB. This means, no movement of firewood, green lumber, and other living, dead, cut, or fallen material, including nursery stock, logs, stumps, roots, and branches into uninfected areas.

B. Full Host Removal
This option would include quarantine from the No Action alternative, and remove infested trees along with high risk trees up to a half mile from infested trees. This option removes larvae and eliminates potential adult beetles from remerging. Roots and stumps of infested trees would be removed and stumps of infested trees would be chemically treated an allowed to regrow. ALB inspectors would then survey the area multiple times for numerous years to assure the ALB has not returned.

C. Removal of infested trees and imidacloprid treatment of high risk host trees
Here, the no action plan and the full host removal option would be applied. However, stumps of infected trees would not be allowed to regrow because only infested trees would be removed. Instead of culling high risk trees, Imidaclorprid trunk and or soil injections would take place in high risk trees up to a half mile from infested trees. The injections would continue annually for three years.

D. Infested host removal and combination of removal or imidacloprid treatment of high risk hosts
This plan is a combination of all of the above with the addition of expanding the quarantined area where infestations are discovered.

APHIS would like to receive input from residents, once they have read the entire report. You can obtain the proposal and give feedback by CLICKING HERE

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