University of Cincinnati to establish engineering co-op, curriculum in China

Two majors to be offered at Chongqing University

CINCINNATI - The University of Cincinnati will soon have a home base in China establishing its famed co-op model and offering two engineering programs.

Officials from UC and Chongqing University will sign a memorandum of understanding to establish a Joint Co-op Institute on Monday at UC.  It's the first such agreement between universities in the United States and China.

UC will establish its curriculum in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering and offer faculty instruction in the two majors.

Up to 100 Chinese students are expected to enroll in those programs this fall via the Joint Co-op Institute. Within five years, enrollment is projected to grow to about 500.
UC says the initial agreement will affect only students at Chongqing but it hopes it will lead to opportunities for UC students for study and co-op in China.

"I anticipate that the Joint Co-op Institute will have a tremendous impact not only on Chongqing University, but also on the city of Chongqing and higher education throughout China," said UC President Santa J. Ono. "In turn, it will bring immense benefit to the University of Cincinnati and the Cincinnati region by providing even greater opportunities for our students and global engagement."

Chongqing University will become the first in China with a mandatory co-op model. Chongqing, in southwest China, is one of that nation's largest institutions and home to a premier engineering college.

In co-op, students alternate semesters of study with semesters of professionally paid work directly related to their majors. UC established the world's first co-op program in 1906 and today houses the largest mandatory co-op program in the U.S.

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