2 Cincinnati undercover police officers recover after being shot at a bar

CINCINNATI - Just after 7 p.m. Saturday Cincinnati police converged at JD'sHonky Tonk Bar in the 2500 block of Spring Grove Avenue in CampWashington.

Police say the officers drove to the bar in high numbers toinvestigate a biker gang.

"There were a number of Iron Horsemen, motorcycle club membersthat were on the outside of the bar, in an outside beer garden typearea. Several members of our vice squad were going to go up thereand conduct an investigation. They were coming, accompanied byuniform personnel. I do know that when they pulled up at the scene,as officers got out of the car there was an exchange of gunfire.Actually the officers were met by gunfire," said Chief TomStreicher with the Cincinnati Police Department.

Police say officers immediately began firing back. By the timebullets stopped flying a total of four people were shot. One waskilled.

"One officer was shot in the thigh. The bullet went through.There's tissue damage there on him. At this point, does not requiresurgery. Another officer was shot in the hip. The bullet wentthrough and came out his buttocks. That's also tissue damage and noother serious damage there so he is not going to require surgery.The one person from the horsemen motorcycle club was shot in thefoot. My understanding is, he's going to be ok. And there is afourth person as I said who was deceased here," Streicher said.

Police removed 14 Iron Horsemen from the bar and five are incustody and being questioned. One of those arrested is identifiedas Lew Erskine, but they say he did not have any involvement in theshootout. Erskine is charged with having a gun at the bar. Thenames of the rest of those involved have not been released.

Investigators are not saying if the two men shot are the samemen who shot the officers however they are saying they are notlooking for any additional suspects.

"There's nothing bad going with the police with the groupitself. Motorcycle gangs are what they are. They do what they doand we do what we do. And occasionally there's a clash andunfortunately it happened tonight here."