Suspect in Princeton High School football player death tells story on TLC show

Some want episode taken off air

CINCINNATI - A television series documenting life behind bars featured a rare look inside the Hamilton County Justice Center, but some people say the episode should be taken off the air. The episode in question featured a woman accused of shooting and killing a Princeton High School football player.

Tiana Sullivan, 22, is awaiting trial on charges in connection with the death of senior Lamar Williams. She appeared on the TLC series "Cell Block 6," on Nov. 3.

"Cell Block 6" tells stories about female inmates in the Hamilton County Justice Center. In front of TLC cameras, Sullivan told her side of the story.

Sullivan reflected in one instance saying, "The dumb decision that I made, a life is gone."

Sullivan's attorney, Jeff Adams, said, "It's totally inappropriate. I'm shocked this would have been allowed to occur without contacting legal counsel."

Adams told 9 News he is asking Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Ralph Winkler to have the program pulled from the air.

9 News reached out to Josh Bingham, the executive producer of "Cell Block 6," who said inmates were not advised one way or another about having an attorney present. He said, "It's up to them." Producers of the show said they had inmates give their written permission to appear on the show.

Officials at the Hamilton County Justice Center said no one was paid to appear on the show.

Sean Donovan, the Chief Deputy of the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office, said show producers had "monitored intake, they were on the floors, the talked to a lot of different inmates as they were processed through the system and then up on the floors with those were locked up doing time."

Donovan said, "If [Sullivan] wants to talk about it, she can certainly talk about it."

Lamar Williams died on July 20, after police said he was involved with a robbery at Springdale apartment complex. He was shot inside a getaway car. According to the affidavit, the trio was armed with a gun at the time of the robbery.

Williams was transported to Mercy Fairfield Hospital and then to University Hospital where he died four days after the shooting. Police have not identified whether the shooting was intentional or not.

Sullivan is charged with felony murder and felony aggravated robbery.

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