Security cameras changing the way crimes are fought

Do you ever feel like Big Brother is watching you?

It's probably for good reason. Security cameras are everywhere these days, from schools to businesses to entertainment venues.

While some people might be uncomfortable feeling as though they’re being watched 24 hour days, security expert Dave Zuber says the new uses of surveillance cameras are changing the way criminal investigations are being conducted.

"Back in the day you saw the great big domes and the great big housings and people are not used to the small board cameras you can install,” said Zuber, who has been installing security cameras for 25 years. “You can hide them wherever you want."

One of these modern security cameras has reportedly provided investigators with a clear picture of possible suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings.

"No matter where you are in today's world, you can be sure a surveillance camera will be tracking your every move," Zuber said.

Cameras are providing investigators with a 360-degree view of crime scenes.

"There's a new type of camera out now that will ceiling mount and can track you 360 degrees," he added.

While people have known about security systems inside businesses and retail stores for years, Zuber says people are now starting to take these advances in surveillance technology to the next level.

"We're shooting not just the sidewalks and that kind of thing. We're shooting out the back door so people know they're safe when they leave their building,” he said. “I’m putting them in homes and outside of homes for the same reason."

In addition to advancements in technology, Zuber says having an increasing number of companies involved in the surveillance business has made the idea of having a security camera more affordable for small businesses and families.

Criminals, take note: You’ll never know who’s watching you.

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