Rumpke nears completion on new recycling facility

Company gets grant to advance glass recovery

ST. BERNARD, Ohio - Rumpke's new Cincinnati Recycling Center will feature a revolutionary new glass recovery system thanks in part to a $250,000 grant from the Ohio EPA and Hamilton County Solid Waste District, the company announced Monday.

The grant finances equipment necessary to screen, clean and sort glass. The prepared material will be transported to Rumpke's Dayton facility for processing. The processed glass is shipped to Owens-Illinois and Johns Manville to create glass containers and home insulation.

"Today's grant will help save landfill space and provide Ohio manufacturers with a necessary raw ingredient," Ohio EPA Director Scott Nally said at an Earth Day Event at Rumpke Recycling Cincinnati in St. Bernard. "Ohio's glass makers estimate they could use an additional 165,000 to 185,000 tons of cullet (scraps of broken or waste glass) each year. Because 90 percent of Ohio's post-consumer glass ends up in landfills, we saw an opportunity for the state to help harvest a raw material from what would have been a waste stream."

The grant also helps create jobs, Rumpke said. More than 100 employees will be connected to the glass recycling effort at Rumpke's St. Bernard facility. Several hundred more jobs will be created at its Dayton facility and through the glass manufacturing process.

Rumpke's new recycling center is slated to open in November.

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