2 girls not allowed at Mt. Healthy prom for being 'improperly dressed'

CINCINNATI - Two families are outraged after high school officials made their daughters leave prom for being "improperly dressed."

Mt. Healthy High School held their prom Saturday and two students were asked to leave after officials deemed their dresses inappropriate.

Principal Marlon Styles said the girls were given an opportunity to call their parents and have a change of clothes brought to them. He said while the students did call their parents, no attempt was made by the parents to bring a new outfit.

Styles said they do not accept dresses that show cleavage or are very short in length.

"They can have no curvature of the breasts showing," Styles said.

Laneisha Williams, 18, and Nyasia Mitchell, 19, were the girls stopped at the entrance of their prom Saturday.

"She had seen us," Mitchell said of a school administrator. "She was telling us, ‘You can't get in because you're showing too much. Your skirt's too short.' She was like, ‘Can you go home and change and be back before 9:30?' And I'm like, ‘No, I can't go home and change because it's my prom dress I want to wear.'"

Mitchell was then told she couldn't get her money back that she spent on prom tickets.

Did Mitchell think she was showing too much? "No, not at all," she said.

Mitchell wearing her prom dress

Mitchell said she spent more than $500 preparing for prom and spent $350 for the dress alone.

She said she wasn't told the dresses had to be a certain length or not show too much cleavage.

"They didn't say nothing, (sic)" Mitchell said. "They just made sure we paid our school fees and we purchased the ticket. That was it."

On April 9, a letter was sent out to parents and guardians regarding the upcoming prom. Within the letter, it read, "In addition, all students will be expected to be appropriately dressed for the event. Inappropriate dresses that are too short in length or reveal excess cleavage will not be permitted. Students who arrive inappropriately dressed will be required to change clothes prior to entering the event. Parents will be contacted if any dress code concerns arise with their child."

"No school in the county would allow kids in dresses like this," Styles said.

One of the girls' parents showed up to the prom extremely aggressive and with inappropriate behavior, according to Styles. The parent had to be escorted from the premises by police.

Danielle Austin, the mother of Nyasia Mitchell, met with Principal Marlon Styles and Superintendent Lori Handler on Thursday to discuss the incident.

"It was a pointless meeting," Austin said.

She said Styles said he would have let her daughter in the prom had he been there, but Handler said she would not have.

Styles told Austin they would be mailing her $50 to reimburse the prom ticket. But Austin said she is still looking for an attorney.

"What [am I] going to tell my son when he grows up about when I went to prom?" Mitchell said. "I didn't get inside."

9 On Your Side reporter Scott Wegener contributed to this report.

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