Pumpkin pie wars divide the Tri-State

Pumpkin pies put to the test

CINCINNATI - Pumpkin pie fans across the Tri-State remain divided year after year about which pie is the best.

9 News put pies from Frisch's Big Boy, Busken Bakery and Kroger to the test.

By a majority vote, Frisch's pie was far and away No. 1. All of our testers in the blind taste test agreed it was richer and creamier than the competition.

The tasters felt Busken Bakery's pie was the worst of the three pies. Most said the pumpkin flavor was lacking.

Kroger's frozen pie came in the middle of the pack, but testers said it had a spicier flavor.

This was an unscientific test with unscientific results.


So who has your favorite pie? Leave a comment in the section below or vote in our poll to the right (mobile and tablet users, go to a browser version of WCPO.com to vote).

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