Prior convictions for suspect in deputy's death

LEBANON, Ohio - The suspect charged in the deadly crash that killed a Warren County Sheriff's deputy is no stranger to police and the courts. Marcus Anthony Isreal, 22, was arrested on May 11, 2008 on a charge of aggravated robbery.  Butler County court records show he was convicted on the charge and also convicted on a weapons charge and drug possession.

Police said Isreal was the driver of the car that hit and killed Sgt. Brian Dulle early Tuesday morning.

Ohio State Patrol officials said they have several items to analyze before the investigation into the deadly incident will be complete. They hope the black box in the car that hit Sgt. Dulle will provide information about the moments before Dulle was hit. They will also look at cruiser video. DNA from the Isreal is also being analyzed.

Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell announced on Tuesday that Isreal is charged with involuntary manslaughter and failure to comply with an officer. He said those are the most severe charges possible at this point of the investigation. 

He added, "If the investigation provides details that reveal a more serious charge that should be brought, I can assure you, we'll bring it."

Warren County Sheriff Larry Sims said Isreal was driving at a high rate of speed early Tuesday morning. He said Franklin police tried to pull him over allegedly for no taillights. Sheriff Sims said Isreal took off and raced down into Warren County. Sgt. Dulle was ahead of the chase on St. Rt. 42 at Utica Road ready to deploy stop sticks when Isreal's car swerved off the road and struck and killed Sgt. Dulle.

Police said Isreal took off on foot, but was spotted about four hours later more than a mile away. He was arrested without incident. Police will not say if the car was stolen or why Isreal was trying to run from them. Police are reviewing the cruiser tape.

Isreal's step-grandmother Wilma Johnson-Blevins told 9 News that her daughter Carla Conyar adopted Isreal and raised him in Dayton. Johnson-Blevins said Conyar and Isreal moved to Middletown 10 years ago.

9 News attempted to contact Conyar, but she was unable to comment on the story.

Johnson-Blevins said she was shocked to hear the news.

"I'm just wondering did he really do it?" Johnson-Blevins said. "[It] just doesn't seem like he would do something like this."

Johnson-Blevins said she was aware of the family members that Sgt. Dulle leaves behind, and sends them her prayers.

"I heard he had three small kids," Johnson-Blevins said. "It's just awful."

Isreal is scheduled to be arraigned in Lebanon Municipal Court at 1:30 p.m. Thursday. He was transferred to the Butler County Jail instead of the Warren County Jail so that corrections officers at the Warren County Jail do not have to deal with someone who allegedly killed one of their own.

Dulle had been with the Warren County Sheriff's Office since 1999 and is survived by his wife and three kids, including 10-year-old Maddie, who has battled cancer twice in her young life. She has fought back and beat the cancer both times.

The family started up Maddie's Hope to raise money for cancer research and support families at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Maddie's Hope Facebook page shows plenty of photos of Maddie, her family and her dad, and has seen an outcry of support for the tragedy that struck the family Tuesday with comments from many people.

Many of the comments lend support and condolences, with most offering love and prayers for the family. Many Facebook users have also changed their profile photos to Warren County Sheriff's Office badges with black ribbons over them to show support for the Dulle family and fallen officers across the country.

Sims said this is the first Warren County sheriff's deputy to die in the line of duty.

To see Maddie's Hope page and support their cause or leave your condolences, visit

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