Obama, Romney debate full video: Watch video of Denver debate, President Barack Obama, Mitt Romney

Miss the debate? Watch it again online

CINCINNATI - The presidential debate between President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney may be the topic of many conversations around the United States Thursday as people debate facts, who came out on top and what the stand-out socials trends were.

Didn't watch the debate last night? Want to take a second look at the key points? Didn't hear that zinger? Have no fear, because the video of the debate is available online for those who want to see it.

YouTube's politics channel has posted a five-part video of the debates. Click on the video players below to see the parts. (Note to mobile and tablet users: Open story in a browser to watch the videos.) Also, the videos and other political coverage can be viewed on the channel at www.youtube.com/politics.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:


Part 5:

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