Few answers for campaign workers still waiting for paychecks

CINCINNATI - The election is over, but many campaign workers had problemsgetting paid.

People who worked for the Ohio Democratic Party's office atJordan Crossing said they did not receive checks they werepromised, and others said that their paychecks bounced.

The Ohio Democratic Party contracted with the Lancer Group basedin Washington D.C., to hire 200 people. Those workers canvassedneighborhoods and provided rides to the polls on behalf of the OhioDemocrats. The workers said that they were promised $100 to $175 aday for their services.

A few people were able to cash the hand-written checks, but manyhad problems.

"The check was no good. If you take it to a bank, it would saycheck invalid," said worker Joseph McCoy.

9 News tried to speak three men identified by Ohio DemocraticParty workers as employees of The Lancer Group.

One man said he understood why the unpaid workers were upset. Healso promised workers would be paid.

Another man, driving a SUV with Washington, D.C. plates, pusheda 9 News camera and refused to answer questions.

An Ohio Democratic Party worker refused to allow 9 News to entertheir office then locked the door.

"It makes you think 'Why are the Republicans in office?’It’s because we ain't doing what were supposed to do inoffice. Maybe I need to switch over," said unpaid worker JessicaSneed.

Campaign workers in Cleveland also had problems getting paid bythe Lancer Group.

Around 11 p.m. Wednesday, some of the workers were paid, butthey won't know if the checks clear until Thursday.

The Ohio Democratic Party released the following statement onThursday:

"Our Get-out-the-Vote program was the largest in the country,involving thousands of Ohioans from across the state. Theprocessing of checks for paid canvassers is taking longer thanexpected due to an error by the payroll firm, the Lancer Group. Itis important to us that everyone who worked hard in our electionefforts is paid as promised, and the Lancer Group is working to fixthis issue and they are issuing checks today."



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