Warren County school district tax issues

Voters in Warren County school districts are considering taxissues in both early and election day voting.

The majority of the requests sought are designed to counterpotential cuts in state school funding levels. Many are additionalproperty tax requests. A few are renewal or substitute property taxissues. Some are for earned income taxes. Many are bond issues togive schools funding for building construction or improvements.

--bond issue of 4.2 mills for 38 years for schoolconstruction and improvements

A new Franklin High School will be constructed if voters approvea 4.2 mill bond issue.

The current high school would become the junior high, replacinga building that is 85 years old.

All six elementary schools would be retained at their currentlocations.

--renewal of 3.0 mills for five years for operatingexpenses

--renewal of 5.41 mills for three years for operatingexpenses

Voters in the Lebanon City School District are being asked torenew a 5.41 mill operating levy for three years.

It generates $4.2 million a year.

Their major selling point is that the renewal will not increaseproperty taxes.

The school board has cut $5 million from the budget since2005.

School leaders say failure of the levy will result insignificant cuts in personal and programs.

--additional 10.95 mill incremental tax levy for five yearsfor operating expenses

Leaders of the Little Miami Schools say the district is at acrossroads.

Numerous levy failures have resulted in a State OversightCommission controlling district operations.

The district has cut $7.0 million in spending, includingtrimming 70 jobs, to balance the budget. Still, a $5.8 milliondeficit is projected for 2011.

Approval of the 10.95 mill incremental levy would cost the ownerof a $100,000 home $28 a month in additional property taxes.

--additional 6.95 mill phased-in tax levy for a continuingperiod of time for current expenses

Mason City Schools have added 1,700 students since 2005, butstate funding in the same time period has remained flat.

The district has cut $35 million in spending to balance thebudget, but is seeking voter approval of a 6.95 million phased-inproperty tax levy.

The cost to the owner of a $100,000 home would be $213 a year inadditional property taxes over a three year period.

Approval means current programs stay at their existing levels.Failure means the possibility of further cuts.

--additional 6.83 mills for five years for currentexpenses

Approval of the 6.83 mill levy would mean the owner of a$100,000 home would pay $209 in additional property taxes ayear.

District officials say the extra funds would restore busing,reduce class sizes and help lessen the Pay-To-Play fees that havebeen implemented.