Kasich rallies Issue 2 supporters in Butler County

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP, Ohio - Ohio's Governor John Kasich visited Terry Farm in Liberty Township Monday night in an effort to rally last minute support for Issue 2.

Kasich told the crowd that Issue 2 gives local governments the tools to balance their budgets.

It does so, says Kasich, by asking public employees to pay at least 15 percent toward their health insurance and 10 percent toward their guaranteed pensions.

"All state employees are paying the 10 and the 15.  It is the government employees at the local level who don't pay it and it is those communities that have raised taxes 42 percent over the last decade," said Kasich.

Harold Schaitberger, the National President of the International Association of Firefighters spoke at an anti-Issue 2 rally in Middletown.

He said that Issue 2 was nothing more than a power grab.

"This is really all about power--and this is about the Governor and those that supported the Governor's SB5 bill that simply wants to have all the power," said Schaitberger.

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