Early voting hours light to moderate in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI - Voters all over the Tri-State started to show up at pollingplaces to cast ballots for Congress, state offices and local leviesas early as 6 a.m. in Kentucky and 6:30 a.m. in Indiana andOhio.

Only light to moderate voting activity was seen at the EvanstonRecreation Center early Tuesday morning with about 12 peoplecasting ballots in the first hour the polls were open.

Ohio voters will decide the outcome of a hot contest that couldcome down to the wire between incumbent Governor Ted Strickland andhis Republican challenger, former Congressman John Kasich.

Former Tri-State Congressman Rob Portman is expected to easilyoutdo Ohio Lt. Governor Lee Fisher to replace retiring Ohio SenatorGeorge Voinovich.

Hamilton County and Ohio election officials are predictingabout half of eligible voters will be voting in this midtermelection.

In Kentucky, where there is a hot Senate race between teaparty Republican Rand Paul and Democratic Attorney General JackConway, a 48 percent turnout is expected.

Some Warren County election officials say they're expectingturnout as high as 60 percent, thanks to local school levies inseveral communities.

Many Ohio voters won't be casting ballots on Election Daybecause they have already early voted either in person or bymailing in absentee ballots. They could account for upwards of 25percent of all votes cast in Ohio.

Elections officials say those absentee early ballots willprobably be counted first, just after the Ohio polls close at 7:30p.m.

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