Police on patrol during Covington Mardi Gras festivities

COVINGTON - Covington was bustling with the crowds during Saturday evening Mardi Gras festivities at MainStrasse Village.

Police made sure to make their presence known so the crowd wouldn't get out of control or disturb nearby homeowners.

"There are some folks that bought property in MainStrasse longer before it became the MainStrasse it is today and legitimately they have issues," partygoer and Covington resident Jen Tranbarger said.

Tranbarger said she has heard some people who live nearby in previous years complain about the partygoers trespassing on residential property. However, Covington police said they have not had to deal with anything out of the ordinary for several years.

Ryan Leitner who lives on Philadelphia Street said crazier things have happened.

"One time there was a gentleman drinking throughout MainStrasse Village. He couldn't figure out who he was or where he was and wound up wandering into our home from street," Leitner said. "We were just having a party in our house and he randomly started eating food wandering around the house and we were wondering who is this guy."

With a little bit of struggle, Leitner escorted the unwelcome guest out of the house. This is the only extreme incident he has dealt with after living near MainStrasse for eight and a half years.

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