One man's snow is another man's paycheck

BURLINGTON, Ky. - Snow is a constant nuisance for people across the Tri-State. The flake-shaped plague cost people in the area considerable amounts of time and money Thursday and Friday due to business closures and terrible road conditions that led to expensive auto repairs.

However, not everyone is complaining about the recent winter weather.

9 On Your Side's Tony MIrones talked with a few professionals who defend the wintry mess.

One such business that benefits from heavy snow is the auto repair industry.

"Mother Nature has helped us a lot this year compared to last year," Don Matalka told Mirones.

Matalka works at Reincarnation Auto Body and Paint in Burlington, Ky. He says his business struggled last year because of the lack of snow that fell in Northern Kentucky. On a yearly basis, Matalka says he gets about 50 percent of his business from winter accidents.

He's looking forward to the snow that's expected to fall Saturday.

"I'm sure that I'll be having tow trucks, phone calls and getting everything set up by Monday. We will be packed and stacked."

Another industry that's likely to be busy this weekend is the snow removal business.

"This year has been a blessing in disguise, said snow removal specialist Mike Liberman. "I was just happy to put a plow on a truck and to use it."

While they feel a little uncomfortable benefiting from other people's hardships, both Matalka and LIberman try to stay positive about the situation.

"Sorry if you're stuck in traffic. The person in the accident? You're having a lot better day than they are," said Liberman.

Saturday is expected to bring more snow to the Greater Cincinnati area and both men will be anxiously awaiting it.

"I'm hoping for 14 inches of snow. Hopefully," said Liberman. "We haven't had a big snow in a long time."

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