Ohio man pleads guilty in home robbery death

HAMILTON, Ohio - A 26-year-old southwest Ohio man has pleaded guilty to the murder of a man during a botched home-invasion robbery.

Attorney Kyle Napier for Joseph Goodin of Middletown says there was no intent to kill, and that Goodin isn't sure how the fatal shot got fired.

The Hamilton JournalNews reports that Goodin will face 18 years to life in prison on the murder charge and another 11 years on robbery and burglary charges. Sentencing in Butler County will be May 20.

Four other defendants face trial on charges of murder, aggravated burglary and robbery. Even though Goodin admitted firing the shot, prosecutors say the other defendants face murder charges because they plotted together the robbery and burglary that resulted in the killing of 19-year-old Julian Slaven in Fairfield.

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