Ohio and Wisconsin govs talk frequently

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Ohio Gov. John Kasich told a Columbus newspaper he talksfrequently with the Governor of Wisconsin, whose state has been theprimary focus of the national debate over collective bargainingrights.

The Columbus Dispatch reports the Republican Kasich worked onhis budget Saturday as people rallied at the Statehouse to protesta bill that would limit unions' collective bargaining rights.

Kasich says he's against joblessness, not unions, and isworking on a state budget proposal aimed at creating jobs andeconomic growth.

Kasich tells the newspaper unions are important but thatRepublicans working on Senate Bill 5 are trying to help governmentofficials control spending and stand up for taxpayers andprivate-sector workers.

Kasich says he sometimes talks with fellow GOP governors butdenies they're part of a coordinated effort to kill unions forpublic employees. He says he frequently talks to Gov. Scott Walkerin Wisconsin, where a similar bill has caused nearly two weeks ofprotests.


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