Man charged in stabbing deaths of woman, daughter in East Price Hill

CINCINNATI - Cincinnati police have made an arrest in connection to the stabbing deaths of a mother and daughter in East Price Hill Wednesday morning.

Thirty-five-year-old Brian Everett was arrested and charged with two counts of murder for the death of 39-year-old Nicole Smith and her daughter, 12-year-old Stephanie Smith.

Everett called 911 dispatchers around 6:15 a.m. and told them he had stabbed someone. Officers responded to the Elberon Garden Apartment complex in the 500 block of Woodlawn Avenue where they discovered both victims deceased.

Below is a portion of the 911 call police say Everett made:

Everett: "A friend attacked me and her daughter. Came in, she was swinging the knife and I got to swinging the knife."

Dispatcher: " Did you get stabbed?"

Everett: "They both down."

Dispatcher: "You stabbed them?"

Everett: "Come on Steph, come on Steph."

Dispatcher: "Did you stab them?

Everett: "She, they, tried to stab me."

Dispatcher: "OK and then you stabbed her back?"

Everett: "I mean, you know, I was drunk we was just..."

Dispatcher: "Did you stab her? Is that what you're trying to say sir, yes or no?"

Everett: "Yes."

Everett admitted on the 911 call that Nichole Smith attached him when he was sleep.  He said he had been drinking and was trying to defend himself.

"It's really sad. We don't what the circumstances were but they've got someone in custody that they're questioning so we'll find out," said Lakshmi Sammarco, Hamilton County Coroner.

Everett also suffered stab wounds. According to court documents, Everett lives at the residence where the stabbing occurred.

"The motive at this time appears to be domestic in nature, and again that's preliminary. The exact situation or circumstances that brought it to this conclusion, we do not know at this time," said Lt. Anthony Carter from the Cincinnati Police Department.

Police have not released the relationship between Everett and the victims.

A neighbor said they had never seen the woman or her daughter before.

"There's really nothing else to explain. It's just crazy. This is Price Hill. Everything always happens around here and not in this complex," said Christopher Gilbert, who lives in the complex.

The entire incident has residents in this neighborhood shocked.

"This is the first time there's been a homicide over here, this is crazy, I've got my daughter over here, it's just crazy how stuff can like this can happen," said Thomas Burt, an apartment complex resident.

"Since I've been here it's pretty quiet, all but this, I mean this was the first accident this has happened and he wouldn't seem like the type of person that would do that," said Steven Brock.

Everett remains in the Hamilton County Jail.  No other information has been released at this time.

The Cincinnati Police Department Homicide Unit is continuing to investigate this offense. Anyone who has information pertaining to this offense is asked to call the Criminal Investigations Section at (513)352-3542 or Crime Stoppers at (513)352-3040.

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