New insight into Widmer "secret witness"

Experts say she is a stripper with drug problems

LEBANON, Ohio - We are learning more about the “secret witness” inRyan Widmer’s third murder trial. Law experts believe, basedon the questions given to the jury, that the witness could be afemale stripper from Iowa with a possible drug problem. It’salso believed this woman became obsessed with Widmer when hismurder trial gained national media attention. This is all accordingto University of Cincinnati Law and Criminal Justice professorChristo Lassiter.

If this witness proves to be credible and damaging to Widmer,there is a possibility Widmer could be forced to take the stand inhis own defense. That possible testimony would open up Widmer tofierce cross examination by the prosecution.

Widmer is accused of drowning his wife Sarah inside thecouple’s home. The first trial ended in a mistrial due tojuror misconduct. The second trial resulted in a hung jury. Openingarguments are set to begin on Wednesday.

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