Neighbors step in to stop 'bored' teens beating North College Hill man

CINCINNATI - Tonia Ysrael and many of her neighbors in North College Hill describe Dallas Avenue the same way.

"It's a real quiet street," Ysrael said from her front yard.

Not so Saturday night when a gang of children, 13- and 14-year-olds, brutally attacked a man walking home.

Ysrael is one of several neighbors who saw it happen.

"My neighbor and we both run outside and say 'hey stop!'" she said. "They just took off running."

"They scattered like roaches," said one neighbor who refused to be identified.   

The victim, 45-year-old Pat Mahaney was hospitalized with massive internal injuries, according to police.

Police arrested five juveniles and are seeking a sixth. Children in the neighborhood provided police with the suspects' names, according to police.

"It's absolutely appalling," said North College Hill Police Chief Gary Foust.

The motive apparently wasn't robbery. Neighbors say Mahaney begged the children to take his money and leave him alone.

Nor does it it appear to be anything personal. Mahaney said he didn't know the children.

The police said the children told them they were "bored." Foust says the children's attack was both random and premeditated.

"As they were approaching the individual they actually discussed this event, before actually doing the event," he said.

Foust says the juveniles jumped Mahaney from behind, hit him in the head and knocked him to the ground with a six-pack of beer he had just purchased.

Several neighbors were home at the time.

"It was bad," said a woman who was afraid to give her name. "It was serious. There was blood everywhere, all over the street and the sidewalk. It was terrible."

Foust wonders -- where were the parents?
"My child would not be running the streets at that time at night unsupervised without me knowing where he was at and what he was doing," Foust said.

The incident has Ysrael worried for her own safety.

"I was actually thinking about trying to get a license to carry a weapon, because it scared me," she said. "It was just crazy."

The five children in custody have been charged with felonious assault and aggravated rioting.

A fund has been set up to help Mahaney with his medical bills from the attack.

Donations can be made at any 5/3 Bank in his name.

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