Neighbor to Highland Heights shooting victim said she had concerns about relationship

Neighbor: Suspect and boyfriend had problems

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky. - Two days have gone by, and neighbors are still wondering why Shayna Hubers, 21, allegedly fired fatal shots at her boyfriend Ryan Poston, 29, Friday evening at his apartment on Meadow Lane in Highland Heights.

Neighbor Nikki Carnes, who knew Hubers pretty well said she had concerns about their relationship. Carnes said she talked with Hubers about the relationship problems she was having with Poston. She said Hubers and Poston had an on and off relationship for three to four years.

"She introduced herself to me and was super sweet. We went to the pool a couple of times together and hung out," Carnes said. " I basically told her you need to get out of the situation before something bad happened."

Highland Heights police said Hubers shot Poston with a handgun around 9 p.m. Friday.

Doris West and her husband live in the apartment below Poston.

"Very sad, very emotional for me to see young lives taken away, practically both of them taken away," West said.

West said she heard Hubers crying from the deck above theirs around 8:30 p.m. A half hour later, things got worse.

"We heard the two shots, two or three more, and we heard someone fall to the floor, fall down," West said.

Poston's grandmother who lives in Springfield, Mass., described the shooting as devastating, and something she never thought could happen to her grandson. She described the situation as something you would only see on television.

The Poston family released the following statement Monday night:

Ryan's family is devastated by this loss. Ryan was as bright as he was kind and as principled as he was caring. His passing is an unspeakable hardship to so many people. We ask that all of Ryan's family and friends as well as our community to keep Ryan and those who loved him in their thoughts and prayers. We want to make it clear that Ryan was trying to end this relationship; he was trying to move on with his life. Tragically, his life was taken from him. Justice must now be served.

Hubers is in the Campbell County Detention Center on $2 million bond facing murder charges.

Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for Thursday at 9 a.m.

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