Travel trends for 2013: What you need to know as you plan your vacations

CINCINNATI - The holiday season is over and you may already be planning your vacations for 2013. If so, expect to pay more across the board to reach your destination.

USA Today reported the top five travel trends to look out for this year. The first one is paying more for airline tickets. Analysts say not to expect any great deals in 2013.

More airlines are joining forces so there will be less competition, and therefore, less incentive to get your business. Analysts say to watch for a merger between U.S. Airways and American Airlines.

You'll also spend more money on fees, on everything from checked bags to hotel safes to rental car extras.

Some good news for your wallet is that gas prices are expected to remain on the lower side of the $3 mark this year. Look for even lower gas prices at certain times throughout 2013. Higher domestic production is leading to higher inventories of crude oil.

One more change consumers should be aware of is more protection from the transportation department in terms of transparency in airline ticket pricing and contracts.

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