Poll finds 73 percent lick spoon while cooking

On Thanksgiving while you're dreaming of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce, remember there could be a little something extra in your favorite holiday dish.

A recent poll on Health.com of more than 500 readers and chefs revealed that 73 percent of people lick the spoon while cooking.

The article said this gross food habit is not so bad when you're preparing something like cake batter, which will go into the oven. But taking a taste from your spoon when you're making a cold food could pass bacteria along to your guests.

The same Health.com post listed a few other disgusting food facts:

-76 percent of people double dip, according to a study at Clemson University

-54 percent of readers serve food dropped on the floor

-52 percent serve food past it expiration date (But foods like chips, eggs and even milk can still be good, according to the Department of Agriculture)

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