Outrage over 'manatee gray' plus-sized dress leads to Twitter apology, labeling changes from Target

CLEVELAND - Target is now changing the way it labels clothing after an upset customer took to Twitter.

ABC News is reporting that Susan Clemens got upset after she saw a Facebook post from a friend about the color of a plus-sized dress from Target being described as "manatee gray."

She then went on to Target.com to look for herself, and found that the regular size in the same dress was described as "dark heather gray."

Clemens took a picture of her computer screen showing the two different descriptions and posted about it on Twitter, writing: "What the. Plus sized women get 'Manatee Grey' while standard sizes are 'Dark Heather Grey.'"

That tweet spread across social media.

Target responded, apologizing to Clemens on Twitter and offering an explanation.

A Target spokesperson told ABCNews.com that the mix-up happened because two different people were updating the website.

Target say its labels across the board will now simply say "gray."

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