Jodi Arias Lifetime movie script: Leaked script offers clues to 'scandalous' TV movie

PHOENIX - Just days after news that the sordid revelations of the Jodi Arias trial would be making their way to cable TV, there is news of a leaked script.

Looking to capitalize on the huge popularity of the lengthy trial, Lifetime has confirmed they are casting for a movie based on the accused Valley murderer .

According to TV Guide , the network plans to center on the scandalous, sex-crazed trial which is still underway.

The movie will reportedly be called "Dirty Little Secret: The Jodi Arias Story".

Good Faith Casting director Faith Hibbs-Clark, of Phoenix, weighed in on who she'd like to see cast as Arias, and what interesting angles the movie could pursue.

"We tend to 'Hollywoodize' the character, so we'll see a picture of the real-life person, or even meet the real-life person and we tend to cast a little bit thinner, a little bit younger, a little bit sexier."

The movie gets down-and-dirty early, with the X-rated moments we've heard so much about in court.

The second lead role will be the part of the victim, Travis Alexander.

"Whoever they cast in these roles will have to do their research. In terms of not just portraying the lines, but they're going to have to study the real-life people and watch their behavior, their movements, their mannerisms, the style they speak in," said Hibbs-Clark.

Arias faces the death penalty if convicted of first-degree murder in Alexander's June 2008 death.

The stabbing and shooting will be a scene in the movie, and according to the script, "Jodi comes at [Travis] like a fevered animal."

The script leaves the ending to the viewer's imagination as Arias' verdict is still weeks away.
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