How did the swing states vote?

CINCINNATI - We've seen it, we've heard it and Tri-State residents have experienced it. Swing states receive the constant attention of presidential candidates as they visit the regions often and constantly campaign to gain votes in the battleground areas. President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney fought hard for the swing states, but Obama's ability to capture a majority of them — including (and especially) Ohio — helped lead him to an Election Day win.

Read below to see how the swing states voted.

Ohio (18): Obama eked out win in the Buckeye State with 50 percent of the vote compared to Mitt Romney's 48 percent of the vote. With Ohio under Obama's belt, it became clear that he would take the election with the help of Ohio's 18 electoral votes. More than 2,672,000 Ohioans voted for Obama while more than 2,571,000 people voted for Romney. Ohio repeated history after voting for Obama in 2008 after it voted Republican in 2000 and 2004. Hamilton County showed to be a crucial win for Obama, which he won with 51 percent of the vote compared to Romney's 46 percent.

Colorado (9): Obama defeated Romney by more than 101,000 votes in this battleground state—1,204,230 to 1,102,623. Obama scored 51 percent of the vote and Romney achieved 47 percent.

Florida (29): The votes are still being counted in Florida. The Sunshine State has 29 electoral votes, the most of any swing state. Officials have not said when they think the votes will be counted. Preliminary exit polling appeared to show an increase in Hispanic voters, likely giving an advantage to Obama.

Iowa (6): Obama won with 52 percent of the vote. Romney got 46 percent of the votes.

Nevada (6): More than 528,000 people came out to vote for Obama, giving him a win of more than 66,000 over Romney. Obama got 52 percent of the vote compared to Romney's 46 percent.

New Hampshire (4): This New England battleground, favored Obama as he took away 52 percent of the vote.

North Carolina (15): Despite an early voting lead for Obama, Romney won this state with 51 percent of the vote. Romney got more than 2,272,000 votes while Obama got more than 2,175,000 votes.

Pennsylvania (20): Romney's late-in-the-game campaign visits to Pennsylvania couldn't help him as Obama won the state with 52 percent of the votes. Obama beat Romney by more than 283,000 votes with about 2,984,000 total votes in the state.

Virginia (13): The state went blue and Obama captured the electoral votes as 51 percent of the state voted for him compared to the 48 percent that voted for Romney.

Wisconsin (10): Obama took a "W" in Wisconsin with 53 percent of the vote.

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