Holiday travel can be expensive, here are some tips on how to fly affordably

If you're planning on flying this holiday season, you may have noticed an increase in airfare tickets -- that's if you're flying to a top destination.

A USA today report shows that travelers flying to several top destinations this Christmas should expect to pay roughly 8% more than they did last year. To make matters worse, if they take off the Saturday before the holiday and return the Saturday after, the fare could be as much as 27% higher.

Those rates are according to forecasts from Orbitz and Kayak, which are travel booking sites.

Fares over New Year's are roughly 5% higher than last year, says Orbitz, which looked at ticket prices and hotel rates for the most popular holiday spots booked on its website.

Travelers also beware that traveling on December 22, 23, and 26, are some of the most expensive days to fly.

Some travel research shows that hotel rates also are up in some cities.

The average daily room rate in Los Angeles for Christmas is 10% higher than last year, and a New Year's stay will cost, on average, 14% more a day.

But traveling over the holiday's isn't always unaffordable.

One way to save some cash is to travel during the week or on the holidays. For instance, if you leave home on Christmas Day, and come back on Friday, Dec. 28, fliers could save 21%.

Flyers can also save money by flying after the New Year.

A New Year's Eve departure, and return on Thursday, Jan. 3, could save travelers 29% in airfare.

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