Facebook photo of boy holding gun touches off controversy in New Jersey

CARNEYS POINT, NJ - It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  And in this case, it was also worth a call to police.

Shawn Moore bought his son a rifle for the boy's 11th birthday.  It was something Josh had wanted and based on the picture was thrilled with the gift.  Shawn took a photo of his proud son holding the rifle outside the family's home in Carneys Point, New Jersey.  Then did something parents do every day.  He posted it to Facebook.

What he never expected to happen was for the photo to go viral.  As it made its way around the internet, someone saw it and thought the worst.  The anonymous caller tipped off police and New Jersey's Department of Children and Families.

Last Friday night, Moore opened his front door and saw a uniformed officers wearing a police vest and someone from child services.  Moore invited them in, but when the officers asked to search the home, Moore told them to get out.  Officers say he appeared to be under the influence and seemed very upset.  He later called the department and apologized for his behavior.

Moore's neighbors say they aren't too worried about the picture or the guns.  Turns out, Moore is a firearms instructor at the same sportsmen's club where some officers in Carneys Point shoot.

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