E-mails: Ariz. college was on alert for Loughner

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) - The Arizona college that Jared Loughner attended was on alertand concerned he would return to the Tucson campus a week before aJan. 8 shooting spree that killed six and wounded 13, including acongresswoman, according to e-mail messages.

The Arizona Republic, under the state's public records law,obtained a series of e-mails from December showing Pima CommunityCollege police planned to distribute Loughner's picture to staffmembers and instruct night officers to watch for the formerstudent.

"I will have a photo of Jared copied and given to the swingshift crew and have them conduct more frequent checks of theNorthwest Campus," wrote Manny Amado, college police commander, ina Dec. 28 e-mail, the Republic reported.

Loughner was forced out of the college three months earlierafter school officials said he was acting bizarre in class.

College police Sgt. Dan Simmons sent an e-mail to other Pimaofficials on Dec. 23 saying one of his officers "happened to find"YouTube videos posted by Loughner.

The Republic reported that Simmons described the postings as"more drivel from Jared Loughner," adding, "Doubt there is anythingto do about it."

In e-mails on Dec. 28, officers discussed the video Loughner hadfilmed on campus.

Pima Community College officials refused to discuss the e-mailsMonday when contacted by the Republic and referred questions to theGordley Design Group, a private Tucson marketing firm hired by thecollege. Cindy Klinge, vice president for Gordley, did not respondto calls or an e-mail from The Republic.

Loughner began attending classes at Pima Community College in2005, the school said in a previous release.

He "had five contacts with PCC police for classroom and librarydisruptions," the statement said.

Loughner is charged in federal court with attempting to killU.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and two of her staffers. He isexpected to face additional federal and state charges, includingmultiple counts of murder.

Giffords is undergoing rehabilitation in Houston.


Information from: The Arizona Republic,http://www.azcentral.com