Christopher Dorner, fired LAPD cop and suspected killer, draws support

RIVERSIDE, Calif. - Dozens of fliers picturing suspected killer Christopher Dorner in a camouflage jacket above the word "HOPE" were posted near the street where a Riverside police officer was gunned down last week.

Riverside spokeswoman Cindie Perry said public works employees removed the posters -- about 44 in all.

The posters aren't the only sign that some people are trying to make a counterculture hero out of Dorner. Facebook and Twitter are full of comments from people expressing their views that the man suspected of killing three people -- officer Michael Crain, a young woman and her fiance --is standing up to a corrupt, racist system of law enforcement.

Riverside Assistant Police Chief Christopher Vicino said a "small percentage of people" dislike law enforcement, the government or both.

"We also realize that the majority of people respect and support law enforcement," he said. "This was never more apparent with all of the community support and empathy that the Police Department has received and continues to receive, both locally and nationally."

On Facebook, pages such as "Christopher Jordan Dorner a Rebel" have started to advocate for the former Los Angeles city police officer who authorities said posted an online manifesto vowing to wage war against LAPD officers and their families.

Dorner, who remains at large, was fired in 2009 after officials said he made false accusations of police brutality against another officer.

Many of those supporting Dorner say they identify with his manifesto. In it, Dorner claims the LAPD is plagued by racism and injustice, and he blames the department for destroying his life.

One pro-Dorner Facebook page reads: "I am a man of integrity and honor, help me expose and stop the LAPD." That page had more than 5,300 "Likes" as of Monday.

Many posts attack the LAPD as a racist organization and refer to the 1991 police beating of Rodney King, which sparked rioting a year later. Other comments criticize LAPD officers' shooting last Thursday of two women who were delivering newspapers. Officers apparently mistook the women's truck for Dorner's vehicle.

One theory circulating on Facebook is that the Dorner manhunt is a government conspiracy intended to justify taking firearms from citizens.

Twitter also is filled with comments from Dorner supporters. Responding to a tweet asking for the community's help finding Dorner, someone replies: "Ahahahahahaha NOPE."

One commenter called Dorner "a (expletive) revolutionary ... If you haven't already read the manifesto! (Expletive) will give you goosebumps. I hope this man goes down in history as an American hero."

Some Facebook and Twitter users have expressed outrage at support for Dorner.

"Internet users offer sick support for ex-cop and alleged murderer Christopher Dorner -- SOCIETY IS SICK!" read one tweet.

Mitchell Rosen, a family counselor, said online support for Dorner may be a reflection of people's frustration with police in their own lives.

Tweeting and using Facebook is "a third party way" of expressing that anger, said Rosen. Dorner "certainly is not a hero."

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