After 4 years in prison, Knox now learns about Justin Bieber, iPad

Amanda Knox is back in her hometown of Seattle after she spent the last four years in prison, thousands of miles away from her loved ones — and the pop culture references prevalent in the United States.

When she was acquitted of the murder charges brought against her, she returned home to a nation full of modern references she is just now learning about, said her father, Curt Knox in an ABC News story.

Shut off from electronics while she was in prison, Knox is now just learning about teen heartthrob Justin Bieber. She had never held an iPad or used Twitter.

"Somebody put out a phony tweet trying to say it was her and I don't think Twitter even existed when she was arrested," Curt Knox said in the ABC News story. "So it was just totally fake, but it's those kinds of things that you know times have changed."

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