'A needed response': College student produces her own antidote to Steubenville rape case video

One YouTube video was at the heart of the firestorm around the rape trial of two Steubenville high school students. Now another is gaining national attention as one young woman's way of taking a stand.

Samantha Stendal, a cinema studies major at the University of Oregon, wrote, cast and directed the video in the style of a public service announcement.

Stendel, a sophomore, told KVAL 13 News in Eugene, Ore.: "The message I hope that people can get from this video is that we need to treat one another with respect. No matter what gender, we should be listening to each other and making sure there is consent."

The video shows a young woman apparently passed out on a sofa and starts with the provocative statement from a young man: "Guess what I'm gonna do to her?" The actor then proceeds to cover the young woman with a blanket and says, "Real men treat women with respect."

The video runs 26 seconds was closing in on one million views after three days on YouTube.

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