Oklahoma tornado: 15 unexpected struggles in Moore

MOORE, OK - While the worst of any natural disaster clearly comes during the disaster itself, the aftermath is often equally difficult to deal with.

In the case of this week's F5 tornado in Moore, Oklahoma, basic fundamentals disappeared for those left to pick up the pieces.

Here are 15 unexpected struggles that victims, clean-up crews and onlookers faced:

1) No restroom access in the devastation zone (a 14-mile area of neighborhoods, shopping centers, etc.)

2) Safety and security challenges in the devastation zone with revolving neighborhood closures and openings

3) Unstable ground and deep, muddy paths throughout the affected areas

4) Limited food and water available for victims and clean-up crews

5) Long lines for that limited food and water

6) Very little sleep with too much to do, and not enough time to do it

7) Intermittent cell phone service in the 14 miles of the affected area

8) Based on communication challenges, logistical confusion for everyone involved

9) Not enough hotel and rental car availability to account for the influx of volunteers and media

10) No electricity in the devastation zone, and constant battery power exhaustion

11) Major traffic struggles because of road closures and highly curious onlookers

12) High anxiety and false rumors as new storms passed over-head in the days after the initial tornado

13) High media interest and not enough space to house dozens of satellite trucks and media vans

14) Heat exhaustion with no shade, leading to several hospitalizations

15) Too many volunteers to keep track of (the best struggle any city could hope to face)

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